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Top 5 Types of Promotional Products With Logo

Promotional products are the gifts that keep on giving, both to your customers and your business. On the customer side of things, 81% of people say they’ll keep hold of a promotional product because they find it useful.

That’s great for your business, too, because 85% of those people will eventually contact the company that gave them the product as a result. And it gets better – when they’re done with your promotional products with logo, 66% of people say they pass them on to somebody else to use. That’s more brand recognition, more exposure, and (if you’re lucky) more sales.

There’s just one question you need to answer.

What are the best types of promotional products with logo that you can use to make the most out of all of this exposure? Let’s look at five of the products that are among the most effective for businesses.

Top 5 Types of Promotional Products With Logo

Product 1 – Pens

For all of the fancy tech that pervades the modern office, as well as all of this talk of going paperless you might hear, the humble pen is still as effective a promotional tool as ever.


Everybody uses them. Every jotted-down note and every manual form filled out needs a pen. They’re used every day by millions of people, with every use putting whatever is printed onto the pen front and center. And that’s not just for the writer. Anybody who happens to see the pen in action – the writer’s customers, for instance – will naturally find their eyes wandering to the pen, too.

That’s why pens are still great promotional products with logo. Pens aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Plus, those who want to hit both the high-tech side of things as well as the low-tech could consider placing their branding on styluses and similar pen-like products that are used with tablets and computers.

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Product 2 – T-Shirts

When it comes to everyday use, you could argue that t-shirts are even more popular than pens. The stats support that statement, too. In the U.S. alone, the t-shirt market amounted to $5.12 billion in 2023, with manufacturers expecting to create 1.1 billion units per year by 2028. 

The message is clear – t-shirts sell.

You can take advantage of that by turning humble t-shirts into promotional products with logo – your logo – to give away to potential customers. After all, you’re likely providing the customer with something they’d buy anywhere. So, they’re getting a useful product and you’re having your brand advertised to all who see the shirt whenever the customer wears it.

However, there’s a caveat to using t-shirts to promote your brand – the design has to be cool enough for somebody to want to wear it. If your logo is a little drab, your promotional t-shirts might get consigned to the darkest corners of the wardrobe, never to be worn.

Product 3 – Coasters

What’s the one thing you see whenever you visit an establishment that sells drinks, such as a bar or restaurant?


They’re everywhere, to the point where drinkers (and the people who serve them) go through 5.5 billion coasters every year. That number includes everything from temporary paper coasters used at pop-up events to the coasters that people buy for their homes.

All can become homes for your brand.

By now, you’re seeing a pattern with the promotional products with logo on this list – they’re all items that see regular and heavy use. People drink every day. With your branded coasters, they’ll see your logo whenever they go to take a sip.

Product 4 – Balloons

Unlike the products featured in this list so far, balloons don’t fall into the “essentials” category. They’re not everyday items in the same way that pens and coasters are, for instance, but people still buy millions of them every year. In fact, about 50 million of them are sold in California alone every year – A little over 1.2 balloons per person annually.

That’s a lot of balloons.

And it makes sense that people use them when you think about the sheer volume of events and parties the average person gets invited to every year. That clues you into why balloons are such good promotional products with logo – anybody who visits an event will see it. Plus, children love balloons and will happily take them home and play with them. That “toy” becomes a constant reminder to parents about your brand and what you do.

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Product 5 – Water Bottles

Given the theme of “essentials” running through this article, it’s only right to cover the biggest essential of all – water. Every person on the planet drinks it, with many carrying around reusable water bottles so they always have a constant supply. In total, about 60% of American adults have at least one water bottle, accounting for 155 million people. They, and the 103 million U.S. citizens who don’t have a reusable bottle, are prime targets for these promotional products with logo.

Again, the benefits are obvious. The drinker sees your logo every time they take a swig. Anybody who sees the drinker – such as family, friends, or even people at the gym – sees that logo, too.

Get Your Promotional Product With Logo

The five products highlighted here are among the best for promoting a brand because they’re useful and, in most cases, considered essentials for many people. That helps you with visibility – the more useful a product is, the more often it’s used, which is great for brand exposure.

You just need to know where to get these products (and more besides).

That’s where Imprint Now comes in. We can turn every single one of these items into customized promotional products with logo thanks to our simple online ordering process. Check our products today and take your branding to the next level.

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