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How to Use Custom-Printed Promotional Items Effectively

Promotional items can do wonders for your business. After all, they offer the perfect way to engage with your audience in a tangible way and serve as lasting reminders of your brand. However, not all promotional items are made equal.

Simply slapping your brand logo on a pen won’t get you far. You must know which products will connect with your customer base and how to use them for maximum impact. That’s precisely what this guide will help you with. Keep reading to learn how to use custom-printed promotional items effectively.

How to Use Custom-Printed Promotional Items Effectively

Set a Goal

When it comes to custom-printed promotional items, more isn’t always merrier. Finding online customization platforms and ordering everything and anything you see can lead to a scattered and ineffective strategy. That’s not to mention all the money you’ll waste.

Set of blank items for branding on grey background

Setting a goal before ordering promotional items will help you ensure a more targeted and, in turn, more successful campaign. Plus, it will dictate which items to order. Some of the goals for promotional items include the following:

  • Boosting brand awareness
  • Attracting new customers
  • Improving customer loyalty
  • Incentivizing sales
  • Expressing gratitude

Identify Your Target Audience

Besides deciding on why you need custom-printed promotional items, you should also define who these products are for. Again, this helps you tailor your promotional strategy, which is the only way to succeed in the long run.

When considering your audience as a factor, you have two options. One, look at your audience more broadly and choose promotional items that appeal to a wide range of people (e.g., drinkware). This approach is suitable when your target audience is diverse, and you want your promotional items to have broad appeal.

Alternatively, identify your niche audience and go super specific. Let’s say your business caters to food enthusiasts. If that’s the case, custom-printed promotional items like branded chocolate or specialty coffee blends will resonate with your audience much more deeply than a hat.

Set of blank items for branding on wooden background

Consider Other Recipients

Sure, custom-printed promotional items are excellent for customers, but don’t overlook their potential for other recipients. By “other recipients,” we mean employees, business partners, or event attendees. This move expands your company’s reach beyond customers, creating a positive association with your brand among various stakeholders.

Go for Useful Products

In marketing, it’s all about standing out. But there should also be a “limit” to this quest for attention. Otherwise, all you’re left with are attention-grabbing promotional items that serve no real purpose. These items might initially wow the recipients, but they will soon forget all about them as they don’t add practical value to their lives.

So, when choosing custom-printed promotional items for your brand, try to combine creativity with functionality.

Of course, this doesn’t mean every promotional item must be designed for the long game. In fact, sometimes, short-term items can be more effective. Let’s say you’re presenting your brand at a trade show. Designing pens and notebooks for the attendees is a great move, as they’ll use them throughout the trade show. These promotional items send a clear message – whenever a customer needs you, you’re there!

Vector realistic blank merchandise for branding and corporate design mockup set

Use a Variety of Items

The world of custom-printed promotional items is truly a magical place. There are pages upon pages of promotional items that can be customized to fit your brand’s unique identity. So, why stick to a select few products?

As long as you’re choosing the products based on your goals and audience, the possibilities are endless. Using a variety of promotional items will teach your customers to always expect something new from your brand.

Integrate the Items Into a Marketing Campaign

If your business launches targeted marketing campaigns occasionally, don’t miss out on the opportunity to order tie-in promotional items as well. For instance, launching a new beverage shouldn’t go without custom-printed bottle openers. At the same time, a fun summer campaign will pair beautifully with custom towels and sunglasses.

Make Promotional Items Personal

Whenever possible, go beyond generic promotional items and opt for personalized products that will resonate with individual recipients. Of course, this approach isn’t viable for new customers and large-scale events. However, it can be a fantastic way to express gratitude to loyal customers, hard-working employees, or long-standing business partners.

Personalizing promotional items can entail anything from adding the recipient’s initials to a product to tailoring the product itself to their personality or interests.

Top view on products presentation mockup

Trust the Statistics

Sure, being unique is crucial for any business desiring long-term success. But this doesn’t mean completely rejecting everything traditional or proven. After all, the most popular custom-printed promotional items have earned that flattering title for a reason.

So, make sure your promotional offering includes popular items that produce lots of impressions, such as tote bags, T-shirts, and drinkware.

Choose Your Products Wisely

Whenever choosing custom-printed promotional items, remember one thing – these products will act as ambassadors for your brand. So, choose wisely.

Only go for promotional products that align with your brand’s core values and messages. This has to do with the sustainability, durability, and quality of your chosen products.

Use Quality Products

Using quality promotional products is arguably the most important consideration for a brand. After all, who cares about versatility, flexibility, or effectiveness if the items you’re giving away fall apart after a few uses?

To avoid this unfortunate scenario, partner with a reliable supplier like Imprint Now. Do this and bid farewell to fading logos, peeling prints, or poorly constructed merchandise. Your business will only receive high-quality, custom-printed promotional items that will showcase your brand in the best possible light.

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